Green and Purple….Is not the color of water.

         It looked just like a glass of water, but it was not.   It was green.  So it probably wasn’t water.  It was turning purple with dots.  I don’t think that water was very safe.  Then I walked to the outdoors and through the glass of water over a bridge.  Life would continue though. I was glad that the water was dead. So, I jumped onto a random trampoline and started jumping on it.  That is just great. I will never drink green and purple water again. Lesson learned.

The Great Escape

      It was late night when the light but chilling breeze whisked through the air.  I was outside staring up at the moon. All I could see was some kid riding by on a scooter.  I wondered if he was one of them or if he was a run away like me. My name is Bella Clarice… and I… am a survivor of the apocalypse, (zombie apocalypse to be exact.)  I rose to my feet from sitting and hiding under the large elm tree. Back to the boy… I excitedly realized that he looked normal and not part of the apocalypse. Knowing that I was not the only one left made me feel a tad bit safer.   I saw a transparent light pass through the crack of the dark, gloomy, gray clouds. Day had arrived. The time where safeness, strengthened the slightest bit of relief.

fisherman tells

        Once a long time ago there was a story of how old fisherman were not happy but almost dead on the inside.  So they weren’t always paying that much attention. So one day it was told that there was a shipwreck that destroyed their ship. Legend has it that when they crashed the caption was buried on the sand near the place of which they crashed, along with the anchor of his ship sticking out of the sand marking his burial ground. If anyone found it and attempted to pull it out of the sand and succeeded, his sole would be set free and never return to the dark, gloomy underworld in which he was held captive.

Gerald Was Not A Very Good Comedian………….

       Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing over the comedy that was going on.  Mostly his name for instance. Gerald. Hahaha. Gerald was a comedian who traveled the world. He loved to make people laugh, but it seemed that the only person he ever made laugh was himself.  He mostly did shows abandoned coffee shops. He was always dead inside because he had absolutely no friends. He was obviously going to die alone with several cats. I hope this story brightened some of your days. If this story depresses you then I am truly sorry. Sorta.

Snowman? Giraffe?

     So one day I was walking out of the brown and I saw a depressed face on a melted snowman.  He looked very sad. I tried asking him if he was alright and then he turned into a giraffe.  He even turned out to be a talking giraffe! So I asked the talking giraffe what he wanted and it also turned out to be a girl because when she answered she had a voice that was not like a boys. So the giraffe said he/she wanted a block of salt.  So I got it for her and she enjoyed it. But then she died and just became a melted snowman again. Then all there was is a greasy puddle sitting there in memory of her.

House On The Corner

       Kids in this town would ride bikes, they lived in Florida so the weather was always extremely nice.  There was one house, that didn’t have white picket fences or flowers growing in the sunlight all over.  This house was basically a dump. It was in the darkness of the night, even during the day. There was dead flowers everywhere.  Although at the same time, this house was huge! It may have been a hotel or something. Two kids were on a bike ride and they stopped for a minute.  It seemed like it was the kids first look at the house. They put down there kick stands down, and just stared ever so softly and the rickety old rocking chair on the porch that was rocking in the genital breeze with no one in it.   It seemed like it was either never rocked at all, or it was rocking with someone at all times.


There was legends that in the ocean, there was a map that could tell the tales of unknown treasures.  So there were three people, but they have nothing to do with this story so we’re just gonna move on. But there were these other people three people that were pretty schwifty.  So they found the map to find the treasure in the ocean. So they were like, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, we gettin some treasure. So they took a twenty one thousand second trip, to atlantic, for no specific reason they just needed a vacation before they went on a long trip.  Then they fell into a dark hole and found the treasure. It was empty, what a surprise. But underneath the treasure box they saw this.




        My dad had just bought a new pair of red shoes. They were very ugly.  He dropped them in a pool, so he had to climb up the ladder. Then he was running and fell on the pavement.  Then he ran to a wishing fountain because this seemed like a pretty bad day. He threw his coins in the water and they started sinking.  Nothing happened. He began to realize that the shoes probably weren’t that lucky. So he wanted newer shoes. So he returned something to kohls, again.  So he couldn’t find any good shoes and just kept the first pair that he got about a year ago. So there is a very depressing life.

I need to start cheking ingredinents.

          I was trying to cook a new cookie recipe.  It needed 1 ½ cups of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract, 2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, ¾ cup of butter, ½ teaspoons of salt, 1 ½ teaspoons of baking powder, and 1 teaspoon of vinegar.  I had first put in a large bowl the the flour, baking powder, and salt. Then I whisked it together. Then In my stand mixer I had put the butter, sugar, and the vinegar. Once I mixed that all together I added in the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mixed. I tasted the dough and I almost threw up.  I looked over the recipe to see what I messed up on. So I looked through everything and it looked like I did everything right. So I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes anyway. While I was cleaning up I thought I found the problem, It may have been because the vinegar was going to expire 4 years ago!   


House around the corner

       There is one house in this town, the windows are pitch black, with only the light of a flickering candle in each one.  This house is a mystery. No one knows who truly lives in the house. Only once in a while, a strange old man comes out to get his mail.  He’s in and out of the yard in a flash hiding in the cover of night. People leave stuff at his door, and a pair of fringe boots just sat there at his door.  People throw eggs at his house all the time. And a young girl sometimes comes and washed them away. This house, is the only real haunted house.